Safe Heaven

Safe Heaven is an interpretation of immigration to the USA using color as a metaphor for diversity and acceptance. From 2011 to 2013 I documented the lives of immigrant Mexican women in New York. I chose to use an analog Hasselblad camera that allowed me to connect better with them and to form a relationship. 

The stories of each woman are presented as colors, which in turn correspond to their origin in different parts of Mexico resulting in a mosaic of colors that represent the richness in diversity of migration. 

This project is an extraordinary window to their intimate worlds where they can be masters of their own world, where they can control their time and their choices, where they have Safe Heaven.

Yellow - Juanita from the state of Veracruz

Blue - Delia from the state of Oaxaca

Green - Sabel from the state of Puebla

Purple - Maribel from the state of Guerrero

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